About US

About US

oruella.com is an online store for fast fashion brands where you can buy all fashion items in our store. oruella.com is committed to providing services from the customer's point of view, so that customers can enjoy online shopping more safely, faster, and cheaper. The oruella.com online store has a huge lineup of products ranging from clothing and footwear to homewares, electronics, beauty and health products, tools, accessories, and more.

We believe in social empowerment and sustainability. Since its establishment in July 2021, we have selected more than 5,300 high-quality products through a high-standard selection method. You may not find the exact same item in any other store. At present, we have provided products to more than 13,200 customers.


Brand development history

 August 2021


January 2022

Serving the 13,200th customer

February 2022

More than 5300 kinds of products

We have a professional e-commerce team and a logistics team with perfect after-sales service, and based on customer feedback and suggestions, we constantly strive to improve service and quality to provide better services.

 oruella.com adheres to the eternal basic concept of "pursuing quality from the perspective of customers and attaching importance to customers", and provides customers with high-quality, low-cost, safe, and assured products through mail order.

So be sure to shop at oruella.com!